The Pangea Sea Walls

Recently a group of international artists, known as the Pangea Sea Walls, invaded the island of Cozumel. You can find more of their projects at PangeaSeed Sea Walls, a group which paints sea-themed murals on what were otherwise empty walls. As you may imagine this adds significant amount of character to the lucky islands/cities.

Pangea Sea Walls


If I’m counting correctly the above map shows 32 Pangea Sea Walls murals throughout the city of San Miguel de Cozumel. So far I do not think that number is accurate, so I’ll keep my own map. Below (and the forthcoming blogs) you can find images of each Pangea Sea Walls mural I have been able to locate/make it to thus far. At the bottom of each blog will be an interactive Google Maps image with way points. The numbers on the way point correspond with the number of the Pangea Sea Walls murals are posted under on this blog. That should make it easier for anyone limited on time to get to their favorite Pangea Sea Walls mural, as well as locate them all easier in the convenient Google Maps application.

All images can open up into larger sized files. Photos taken with an iPhone 5s so obvious limitations exist.

  • Editors note: Since I’ve originally taken these photos there has been an addition of a plaque for most the Pangea Sea Walls murals. As I have the chance I have snapped a photo and added it to the Pangea Sea Walls mural.

And now the Pangea Sea Walls murals…

1.This one is right next to my house, merely a 2-3 minute walk away. Coincidentally, it is not on the above map, and neither is the next mural I’ll share. So… Welcome to Mexico? Haha yeah so we’ll just see how many I can locate and I’ll keep my own map going for you. Anyway, back to the image… For many of these the mural is so large it made sense to break the mural into several images close up so the detail is a bit more view able.


I see this colorful one everyday next to my home.



And I guess sometimes there are vehicles or other obstacles in the way. Sorry about that. Regardless, the detail of the work still shines through.



Each mural has this located somewhere within the image. If you don’t see if, it’s not a Sea Wall mural.

When possible I’ll try to put the artist’s signature with the images or point it out in the image.

2. Another one near my house and not on the map provided above. So that makes 34 murals, not 32, if I can locate everything that they do have mapped. Artist signature to the bottom right.


Another one right next to my house.


3.  This one is just crazy huge, and it is still not entirely fit into this photo – the white on the edge of the right side continues on. Some of these are heavily shaded due to the position of the sun – sorry.




This portion has an added bonus.

Remember the above image. We’ll come back to it in just a second.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Impressive, eh? Okay, two things. First, the portrait is STILL not complete. See that white portion on the right, again?

Part 6

Okay, now that is the complete mural. Crazy large. Artist signature view able to the bottom left.

Okay, I said two things. The second is referring back to that image I asked you to remember. You’ll probably want to scroll back up to see it after you look below.

3-D art wall mural!


4. I like how the vehicles give you perspective to size… (Artist signature to the top left)


Another good perspective on size.


The artist took some artistic liberty with this one I’d say.


Your guess is as good as mine.


If someone would like ot leave me a comment and leave me some of your thoughts on this mural I’d be happy to read them.


5. Okay last image for this blog. So far at this point I’ve made it to 14 murals and this one ranks right up there as one of my favorites. Note how a portion of the painting is on the underside of the roof overhangs.


Great colors and detail. 


This is actually the loading dock for a local business.


A few quotes of his can be seen scattered around this website.



Again, just love the colors.


It’s going to be tough topping this one as my favorite.


Good stuff so far. Given how image intense these are I’m limit it to 5 murals per blog. To see the next five (5) Pangea Sea Walls murals in this series check out this link, or enjoy the map below to help you find your favorite.

Mural #1

Mural #2

Mural #3

Mural #4

Mural #5