This is a continuation of the PangeaSeed Sea Walls mural project completed in July 2015. If this is your first you are seeing of this on our blog might I suggest you start from page one.

6. Shark, marlin, manta rays… gotta like it.


Have to look up high to find this one.


Obviously the artists signature.


7. Although it may not seem like it the images below are all the same mural. Or at least they are adjoined.


Some of these I had trouble grasping the ocean theme. This was one of those times.


Far right.


And the left with the artist’s signature.



There’s the ocean theme.


More detail on the turtles.


It’s going and going…


9. The artwork is solid, but I’m struggling to develop the theme the artist was going for here. Crocodile bird with mariachi hat, cheese and orange slice. If you’ve got something drop me a message.


If I remember correctly this one was outside a school. Perhaps the cause for the child-ish theme.


That’s a long tail.


Artist’s signature.


Digging those flowers. Wish I had some growing in my yard.


10. Another of my favorites, certainly my favorite for this grouping. The cars in the photo do a great job of size perspective.



I just love the artwork on this one. The cars offer good perspective on size.


This one got caught in a rain shower. A few of the murals did. I think it gives them some character. In the upcoming blogs you’ll see a few more images with rain shower streaks. Unfortunate, but as I said, also character building. Signature in the top right.

I hope you enjoyed the second edition of the Sea Walls Cozumel project. Many more to come…

You can view the next 5 murals in this series by following this link, or use the map below to help you find your favorite mural.


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