This is a continuation of the PangeaSeed Sea Walls mural project completed in July 2015. If this is the first you are seeing of this on our blog might I suggest you start from page one.

11. This mural is located just off the edge of central park and I think the colors are just vivid. It’ll be interesting to see how they hold up to the Caribbean sunlight.

Holy color batman!


I’m not sure I fully grasp what the artist was going for in this one.


There are several smiling dolphins, however. So that’s good, I suppose.


Quite the vivid use of pastels.


Okay, the baby really throws me here.



Artist’s signature on the top left.


12. Not an overly huge mural, but well done. Signature there in the bottom right.


I cannot remember where I found this one. Looks like I’m headed back out to map this one.


13. I think this is the mural I was looking for. Things got a bit crazy on the map in this part and I had to search around. It became almost like an Easter egg hunt. This mural is painted on the back of a building which is still under construction, hence my confusion if this is included.

The building this one is attached to was under construction at the time.


Fish eat fish world?


The artist must not have a positive outlook of the future as the fisherman claims to know the future, but to me seems unhappy.

14. Tough to photograph this one as it sits in a hallway between two buildings and the mural itself is two stories tall.

Not overly large, but difficult to fully enjoy from a distance.


Another one that streaked, but I really like how the artist cleaned it up. The use of colors on this mural is impressive.


I really dig the detail on the left half of this mural.


Quick artist signature pic…


15. It’s real close but this might be my favorite for this blog.


Although I wasn’t blown away by the artwork, I do enjoy this one. You can tell the artist had fun creating it.


Right side… (Signature bottom right.)






Fish eating fish eating fish with humans embraced in passion?


There is a lot going on in this mural. Fish eating fish… and fish are designs of many other images. Not to mention the bubbles (jellyfish?). And faces prepared to embrace… Good stuff.


Far left.

Thanks for viewing the third edition of the blog. Many more great murals are upcoming. You can view the next five (5) murals by clicking here, or use the map below to help you find your favorites.

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