This is a continuation of the PangeaSeed Sea Walls mural project completed in July 2015. If this is the first you are seeing of this on our blog might I suggest you start from page one.

16. This one is located in the mercado – the local market.


Interesting choice of artwork for the parking lot of the central mercado (market).


Part one (from the left moving right )


Part 2


The more I look at this mural the more I really enjoy it.

Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6 (far right)


Obviously from the number of photos this mural is quite large. It extends the width of 4 cars parking plus landscaping, to give you an idea.

I appreciate the texture the artist chose to employ on this.


17. I was able to capture this one in a single image. What an interesting design. This one really does deserve a long look. So much detail.


Big fan of this one. My favorite for this update. 



18. What comes to my mind when viewing this image? “Don’t touch the animals!” Hahaha.




Two mermaids?!


Whom lack respect for sea life it would seem.


19. This one was in a really tough spot to photograph. Leaning over a car, ducking under a canopy, trying to get get above the roof line… It is worth viewing in full view though, there is a ton of detail in that job. Like many of the murals, you have to look up and behind you to find it.


A tough find, but well worth it. Wish I could get closer to see the detail, however.


20. I had to climb a concrete bench to the top and then onto another pillar to try to avoid the fence as seen in the image below. If I didn’t climb that fence would have covered the entire image of both these images. Your welcome.


A beautiful flower on the exterior of the cruise ship port.


Bottom half of the mural, of which you need to make a real effort to see well.

Thanks for viewing edition four. To move onto the next five (5) murals please follow this link, or use the map below to help you find your favorite murals.

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