This is a continuation of the PangeaSeed Sea Walls mural project completed in July 2015. If this is the first you are seeing of this on our blog might I suggest you start from page one.

21. I understand that a small spearfishing community exists, but I’m a bit surprised by this mural simply because the island often prides itself on its marine park.

Located right on the main waterfront road across from the Municipal Park.

Plus I’m not sure I understand the mural. Two guys, nearly but not exactly identical, back to back, in street clothes, with underwater spear guns, looking up… Yeah, not following.

The fish are below you, guys.


22. This one was tucked away inside an adjoining hallway to 21 and 23.


You can get lost staring into this one.


23. Part pufferfish, part jellyfish? Urchin?


Alien life form or a hodge-podge of marine life forms put into one?


For good measure…

The only signature I could find for the first three murals. It possibly could be the same artist for all three given their proximity to one another.

24. This one is located on the municipal building and is quite large. It is split by the doorway and is represented in two parts. This is the northern section.


I like the Mexican colored ribbon around the fish and lady.


Up close to show the detail…

And now the southern portion…

It is easily seen from Melgar avenue as you head south away town.


Yeah… Not sure haha

25. Even though the two spear fisherman was a well painted mural, and the mural just above my text was epic in proportion, the follow mural is my favorite for this grouping. It is massive and requires many photos to display in its entirety. Additionally, it’s just darn good.


It seemed to really showcase marine life. I tried taking a wide-angel here to get as much into one frame as possible.


Signature up top.


Slowing moving to my left (west).


Where’s my Hawaiian Sling?


The colors. So vivid.


This sits directly across from the Chedraui supermarket.


Still moving to my left…


On the back side of this wall is actually the police station.


That’s the females head from the previous photo, in case you were curious.


And finally, the end.

It is really neat looking at those images as a single stream in my phone as it gives perspective to the entire mural. If I have time I may play around with trying to stitch these images into a single extended portrait.

The artist was a tad messy 🙂


Many of the mural had private or corporate sponsors, as shown with this one.


Thanks for viewing this edition of the murals. To follow along to the next 5 murals please follow this link, or use the map below to help you locate your favorite murals.

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